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NewYou Collagen - Glow

All-in-One Ultimate Beauty VitaMix

  • Hyaluronic Acid for Glowing Skin
  • Glutathione for Brightening Effect
  • Collagen for Wrinkle-Free Skin
  • Biotin for Strong & Thick Hair

Say Goodbye to Hairfall, Wrinkles & Dull Skin with NewYou Collagen - Glow.

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Loved by 2 Lakh People

Across US, UK, Korea & Japan

Guaranteed Hairfall Reduction


NewYou Collagen Glow helps reduce hair fall & boosts hair health. The special amino acid chain of NewYou Glow are necessary for bouncy shiny thick hair.



Needed for reducing hairfall while maintaining a healthy lifecycle of hair.



Essential amino acid for keratin, which makes up hair shafts.



Biotin is essential for preveneting hair loss. It helps in growth of thicker fuller hair. It plays a major role in Keratin production.



A rare & essential mineral that strengthens hair follicles & reduces inflammation in the scalp.


Results of Actual Clients who used our product for 2 months or more.

Younger Looking Skin

NewYou Collagen Glow provides your skin with the necessary vitamins, amino acids & minerals to help slow down the ageing process of skin.


When our collagen & vitamin levels drop with age, our skin tends to sag & show oxidative damage.



Helps brighten skin. Reverses acne & wrinkles by detoxification of skin.


Hyaluronic Acid:

Increases elasticity of skin & keeps it moisturised. 



Aids in the repair of skin damage like acne scarring & breakouts.



Soothes Skin & repairs oxidative damage.



Produces antioxidants & protects from skin impurities.


Proline & Lysine:

Builds & strengthens surface of skin reducing fine lines & wrinkles.



Helps in retaining moisture in skin & regenerating skin cells.


What people say about NewYou

Sravani Mandali
I loved the effect of NewYou Collagen on my hair. I was experiencing severe hairfall lately & I was worried a lot about it. After using NewYou Collagen Glow for just 1 month, I saw a lot of reduction in hairfall & scalp health.
Prashant Maddy
Thank you for preparing such a nice formulation which provides all the necessary vitamins, minerals & proteins for healthy hair & softer younger skin. I feel energetic after drinking this.
Priyanka Sharma
I am a working mother & it is super difficult for me to to keep up with multiple vitamins & tablets. NewYou Collagen Glow gave me all the required beauty nutrition in one tasty drink without any fuss.